Younger women out-shop, but older women out-spend

Women in their 20s and 30s may spend more time shopping in-store and online, but it’s women over 40 who actually spend more, a recent study by Enhanced Media Metrics Australia revealed.

The survey, according to Marketing Magazine, found that women aged 25-35 shop more often, but in shorter intervals. Over half of these women cited being time-poor, due to young children at home.

Meanwhile, women aged 45-65 reported not hitting the shops as much, but when she does do, she prefer to do so in a more relaxed manner. Her average spend is also much higher younger women’s, at $180 online and $168 in store – versus her counterpart’s $118 online and $115 in-store spends.

What are older women spending the most money on? High-value, in-store clothing – on which she spends 40 percent more than women 25-35.

Younger women may spend less, but they definitely dominate the online shopping world – in fact, online retailers take in 50 percent of her total fashion allowance. She’s also more ‘mobile’ – and more apt to pursue “information, information and advice” while on the move. So, it’s no surprise that phones, laptops and social networking are what younger women use to make purchasing decisions. Or that this highly connected, social woman responds well to targeted retailer messaging and promotions, according to the article.

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