Woolworths’s ‘Free Fruit’ campaign a fresh take on empathy for female audiences

Woolworths’s new “Free Fruit for Kids” initiative, a national program allowing children to eat their most-loved fruit free in-store, is an empathetic move sure to make strides with the household’s main grocery-shopper, women.

While the retailer’s MD Brad Banducci says the complimentary fruit stands hope to encourage a healthier country, he also makes a strong appeal to female audiences – particularly mothers – with the following statement:

Free Fruit for Kids is not only a great way to encourage healthy eating habits, but also an easy way to keep the little ones occupied whilst shopping. We know that a trip to the supermarket can be a busy time, and the free fruit initiative is just one way we are hoping to give parents and carers a helping hand.”

Venus has long emphasised the importance of empathy when it comes to marketing to women. By providing free nutrition and shopping assistance to busy mothers, Woolies is showing a full understanding of women’s busy, complicated existence, and are responding with ways to make her life easier.

Following the success of this campaign, we’ll be curious to see how competitors – or even Woolworths themselves – step up their compassion with female audiences, who hold 90 percent of purchasing power.

We definitely have some recommendations we’d like to see: A parent room stocked with baby wipes and other ‘forgotten’ accessories of mums rushing out the door. More comfortable trolleys for kids. Not-so-freezing frozen food sections. A ‘hydration station’ – e.g. free water from coolers. A supervised play area for children. Increased trolley corrals and parent parking in the carparks. Staff on-hand to help parents load groceries into their vehicles. Trolleys that seat infants and toddlers in tandem…

What ideas would you like to see from FMCG retailers? We’d love to hear your thoughts.