Women Switch On First

With the potential for rechargeable home batteries like the Tesla Powerwall doing away with electrical bills forever, it’s likely women who will be leading the charge in consumption. How do we know that? Let’s revisit our past blog on who adapted to solar first.


Females are leading the decision to switch from sparks to solar, a recent survey has found.

A US sustainability communication firm recently conducted anational survey of females, and the stats show women are the ones leading the decision to get solar energy installed in family homes — not men, as many energy advertisers assume.

90% of women said they would make or participate in the decision to change to solar energy.

And not only are they the energy decision-maker, they are also the ones initiating the se discussions in the home.

What’s more, females are increasingly aware that solar advertising isn’t ‘speaking their language’, or attempting to connect with them.

Energy marketers, it’s time for an M2W light bulb moment.

Speak to women, and you’re speaking to the audience choosing your product.