Why Dove’s latest campaign hits the mark with women

An ongoing, overseas Dove campaign that recognises the sacrifices women make for one another has authentically hit the mark with its female audience. We’d like to share why, and how other brands can learn from it.

On International Women’s Day (this past March) Dove and its Malaysian digital/PR agency premiered a video of candid interviews with women who were asked about the one woman who touched her life. That special woman was meanwhile in the next room, monitoring the entire conversation and reacting understandably emotionally. That surprise was revealed halfway through the interview, as the women reunited and embraced.

In support of the campaign, Dove empowered their audience to tag and share the video with important women in their lives, on Instagram and Twitter: #YouAreAGift. Additionally, they distributed over 10,000 roses to Malaysian women on the street – and to their employees.

This campaign does a brilliant job of ticking some of the most crucial boxes brands should be aware of, when marketing to women:

Authenticity. Women support brands that are transparent about what they believe in – in this case, Dove supports International Women’s Day. The more authentic you are, the better you’ll reach her.

Empathy for her diverse roles. Mums, breadwinners, sisters, caregivers – the list goes on of the ‘hats’ women wear each day. Dove’s campaign recognises the various life-changing roles women play and shows genuine appreciation for them.

Emotional connection. Reach women on an intimate, emotional level, and you can gain her brand loyalty. For example, 60 percent of Australians who feel emotionally connected to a brand are more likely to remain loyal to it, long-term. It’s all about positive brand association and making a lasting impression, and Dove successfully accomplishes this through its overall campaign message and heartfelt stories shared.

Social. Women rely heavily on word-of-mouth communication, so it’s no surprise she dominates social media. Dove hopped on the social bandwagon, asking women to tag/share their video on Twitter AND Instagram – a particular score since visual representation is equally as important as written and verbal communication, when marketing to women. Reaching out to her, face-to-face (on the street), further strengthened this conversation with her.

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