How observing female social media conversations can benefit your brand

Venus has long emphasised just how social the female consumer is: Not only does she dominate social media, but she also relies on the platform for word-of-mouth communication and advice.

With this in mind, AdWeek recently elaborated on the importance of the social media conversations being had about your brand – what we should listen for, and what we can learn from them:

Unexpected insights behind your product.
Examining social media dialogues may reveal customers are using your brand for an entirely different purpose than its intended – which could be an invaluable hint to change your positioning. Or perhaps she’s talking about a related product that’s more important to her. Ask yourself, ‘Is this something our brand could own or make even better?’

Evidence your brand message isn’t transmitting.
Social media conversations may reveal that customers are diverging from your communications, or receiving a different message altogether. Seeing a rise in customer support issues on social may also be evidence of this. Use this information to help determine whether your message, target market or product needs to be modified.

Live conversations allow on-the-spot improvements.
Overall, monitoring social media exchanges will give you an invaluable understanding about your brand/product in “real-time”, which can help you make better day-to-day, or on-the-spot marketing choices.

It also pays to view digital discussions outside your brand, but still product- and/or target market-related. These can reveal what your consumer is passionate about and why, which can help you improve your product, business plan, positioning, messaging and other methods used to reach your customer’s approval.

We’d also like to underscore that observing what your female audience says on social media is the perfect opportunity to listen to her and emphasise with her needs – two crucial components to remember when marketing to women.

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