Using empowerment for the wrong reasons.

Empowerment is the secret to many of today’s most successful ad campaigns geared toward

women, but a recent costumer event held by a US-based company proved the strategy can be used

inappropriately, according to a recent Slate article.

That company, Egg Banxx, promotes egg-freezing to women as the way to ‘stop the biological clock’

– or enable women to bear children whenever they wish. Their consumer event was a cocktail party,

filled with free wine and the opportunity to learn more about this empowering ‘product’. Yet the

only thing this brand did right was communicate with their potential consumer in a personalised,

face-to-face manner. The rest was completely disingenuous – a common failure for many brands,

when marketing to women.

Fail #1: The information provided about egg-freezing was misleading. As it stands, even if a woman is

under 38, the chance of a frozen egg leading to pregnancy is only two to 12 percent.

Fail #2: Furnishing women with alcohol while promoting egg-freezing as a hot new was extremely

manipulative. In fact, the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) says there is not

enough known about the ‘safety, efficacy, effectiveness and emotional risks’ of egg-freezing to sell it

as an easy option for later child-bearing.

Fail #3: This event preyed on women’s insecurities, which included the presence of an actual OB-

GYN who conveyed to the female audience that time was running out for giving birth.

All of this was masked by a sentiment of empowerment, encouraging women to take control of their

lives, as this product was the answer to their fears.

Can you think of other she-brands that have used empowerment for the wrong reasons?