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Why Health Insurers Need to Target Women

For women, it's not about being 'skinny' anymore, it's about being fit. Women take great care of their health these days and this is one of many reasons we're harking back to this important blog of ours. Health Insurers, take note! ~ An article has revealed just how

Female consumers connect with kindness.

Kindness counts more than brands have ever imagined, and a recent Harvard Business Review article offers a great example of what we mean. The author recounts the story of a US man who was visiting his cancer-stricken grandmother at the hospital. Because the soup there was so horrible,

Women Appreciate Brands With A Heart

Fresh off Valentine's Day, we're revisiting a 2013 Venus Comms blog that's still relevant now: If you have a brand whose primary audience is female, you need be aware that the values and behaviour of your company matters. And we are not just talking about consumer

New campaign aims to drop ‘plus-size’ labelling

Should the labels,  “plus” and “plus-size” be banned from the fashion industry and media? That is the mission of #DropThePlus, a media campaign started by Australian model Stefania Ferrario and Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester, which has since gained international support from top designers like

Mobile marketers urged to employ more women

Mobile marketers will want to build up their female workforce within the next ten years, because two-thirds of US consumer wealth will be controlled by women, according to a recent article. After a Fleishman-Hillard Inc. study revealed that women were going to become the primary consumers


Can only female creatives connect with women, emotionally?

Some may believe anyone can write a good ad with the right info, however, Roisin Donnelly, brand director of Procter & Gamble (UK), says the shortage of female creatives and ad women who are mums is causing a serious detriment to advertising geared toward mothers

Agency exercises authenticity to inspire women to work out

Has England’s government agency for grassroots sport found the solution to boosting the number of women who exercise? If anything, Sport England’s new marketing campaign, This Girl Can, is certain to grab the attention of female viewers through one crucial aspect for marketing to women:

Marketing to women requires digging deeper than demographics

Marketing to women will see a big boom in 2015, but brands should be warned of focusing too heavily on ‘big data’ (or consumer demographics) – the driver of this renewed interest, according to marketing strategy expert, Jenny Darroch, in a recent article. The author of