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Is advertising finally diversifying gender roles?

After decades of female stereotyping and sexualisation in advertising, has advertising finally taken on a more flexible interpretation of gender? That’s what a recent TV ad by UK brand, Moneysupermarket.com, is implying, says a recent article. The ad, which features a gyrating businessman in skin-tight shorts,

Girls’ Lounge Fosters Camaraderie Among Female Marketers

Are complimentary salon services the secret to empowering female marketers? Shelley Zalis believes so, and other marketing professionals are jumping on-board. Zalis, CEO of US-based research company Ipsos OTX, is the founder of Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, an indulgent hotspot featuring free pampering at major ad

Using empowerment for the wrong reasons.

Empowerment is the secret to many of today’s most successful ad campaigns geared toward women, but a recent costumer event held by a US-based company proved the strategy can be used inappropriately, according to a recent Slate article. That company, Egg Banxx, promotes egg-freezing to women as the