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Are famous deceased women the new brand ambassador?

The digital juxtaposition of long-departed, iconic women into broadcast and print ads has been practiced for years by brands to reach female audiences – and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon, according to a recent article. In 2011, for example Dior’s J’Adore Dior perfume

Should brands diversify their teams to reach women?

Too many car brands are still ignoring the female market, reports a recent Guardian article, despite the fact that women are responsible for 66% of decisions to buy new cars in the UK – that’s 70%, in Australia. Such companies aren’t recognising that women actually

Marketing to women requires digging deeper than demographics

Marketing to women will see a big boom in 2015, but brands should be warned of focusing too heavily on ‘big data’ (or consumer demographics) – the driver of this renewed interest, according to marketing strategy expert, Jenny Darroch, in a recent article. The author of

Advertising slips back into objectifying women

Is advertising going backward in terms of sexualising women for commercial gain? Ask brand giant Coca-Cola, who recently made waves with their campaign for a premium milk brand called Fairlife, says a recent article. The ads featured naked women ‘dressed’ in splashes of milk, with

Women’s portrayal in advertising evolving, exhibition shows

From high-heeled housewives holding cleaning spray, to bikini-clad models draped over cars, advertising has been representing women through a male lens for decades. But thanks to the growing number of female creative directors, photographers, typographers, art directors and others, the ad world’s portrayal of women

Sexualising women in ad makes men less charitable

More research has recently revealed sex does not sell – or at least make men very charitable with their money, according to a recent Medical Daily article. Researchers from the National University of Singapore and Chinese University of Hong Kong found that images showing women