Successful female brands share marketing strategies

A recent FastCompany article asked leaders of successful she-brands to share their secrets to reaching women. Here’s what they recommended:


1. A female staff is important, but not mandatory.

Having a staff that speaks the “native language” of the female consumer is invaluable, says Manish Chandra, CEO/founder of Poshmark, a mobile clothing swap/sell site (with a 70% female staff). By understanding her needs and wants, problems can be addressed and solutions formed, he says.

Staffing women in high-level positions is also crucial for preventing “incorrect and sweeping generalisations about women”, which male executives are prone to doing, according to Debbie Stoller, editor-in-chief of BUST magazine.

However, Naama Bloom, CEO/founder of HelloFlo subscription feminine products, believes either gender is able to achieve an understanding research on the female consumer, and internalise it in a way that resonates.


2. Value your customer for who she is.

Speaking to your female consumer in an authentic voice is also important, says Bloom, who talks to HelloFlo customers in her own voice, and those of women she knows. Echoing this idea is clothing brand Mod Cloth, who refuses to alter images of their female models.

Not viewing women within stereotypes is also crucial, says Stoller, as is fighting pop culture’s reinforced message that women “aren’t good enough”.

3. Ask her what she wants.

Discovering what your female customer wants by collecting data on her shopping behaviour is also recommended by Chandra. Direct input is, too, which is why Poshmark invites their customers to company events. Task Rabbit, an errands-outsourcing site, says having a staff of mostly working mums – matching their main demographic – also provides a great understanding of their consumer’s wants.

4. Understand the obstacles females face.

Brands that understand the difficulties women face is key to connecting with her, which is why Hackbright Academy, a training program for aspiring female programmers, gives their consumer the “best experience, education, and opportunities on their journey to becoming software engineers”, says co-founder/CEO David J. Phillips. Their audience’s energy and motivation is also shared with his largely female staff when designing the programs, he says.

At Venus, we’ve long communicated that marketing to women effectively involves an understanding and empathy for the distinct wants, needs, and difficulties she faces – as discussed by these successful brands. If you’d like to learn more, just call us on (03) 9685 5200.