Steer your marketing around the insights that drive her

Marketing to women isn’t easy, largely because female roles have been changing, if not multiplying, over the last century. And much of this is due to the encouragement of powerful marketing messages, according to a recent article.

It’s what Venus calls ‘see it and be it’ marketing movements, but achieving them isn’t as simple as observing what your female audience is doing. It’s about taking a deeper look into the thought process that’s driving her actions. Once brands truly know what makes women tick, they can reflect these insights and behaviours within their communications. As a result, more and more women begin to identify with what they’re seeing/hearing, and this conduct becomes the new norm.

Some examples of those who’ve pioneer ‘see it and be it’ movements:

Dove. Their “Campaign for Real Beauty” crusade, still alive today, began after research revealed only two percent of women felt they were beautiful. Thanks to Dove’s marketing, which challenged the notion of perfection and encouraged self-acceptance, more females are rejecting flawlessness for embracement of who they are, from a physical to livelihood (motherhood, career, etc.) standpoint.

Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington. Two books – Lean In by Sandberg and The Third Metric by Huffington – helped women realise that making trade-offs in life is OK. That is, she can decide what success and happiness means and feel good about changing her life to accommodate. For example, it’s ‘now’ acceptable for women to design ‘what works’ when it comes to juggling work, family and household responsibilities.

Together, both of these trends unearthed a new movement – women loving themselves ‘as is’. Today’s women are beginning to place less importance on what outsiders think of her life, and more focus on personal happiness. And the brands that realised this from the start, have her loyalty.

So, remember – starting a ‘see it and be it’ movement isn’t about reacting to such trends out there. Truly reaching your female consumer means genuinely getting to know her AND her deepest insights behind her actions. If you can genuinely resonate with her, she will resonate with your brand.

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