Social media still the talk of female consumers

We’ve often expressed how important word-of-mouth communication is when it comes to marketing to women, so it’s no surprise females not only dominate social media, but also use it before making purchasing decisions – 87% as of 2012.

One Melbourne-based trio of female entrepreneurs apparently knew this, according to a recent BRW article, and decided what better way to sell their product then have their would-be customer market it for them, on social media?

Step One: Twentysomethings Erika Geraerts, Bree Johnson and Jess Hatzis smeared their homemade body scrub, frank body, all over themselves (they were, after all, the target demographic). They then took photos and posted them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – all hotspots for female audiences.

Step Two: The three women enlisted influential female bloggers and YouTubers, such as Katerina Beauty (who has 24,000 subscribers). Her demonstration of the product alone garnered over 72,000 views.

These forms of communication proved so effective that, after only 18 months in existence, the company is expected to gain $10 million dollars in revenue, this year.

It goes to show that once a positive social media message is developed, brands can let Facebook and Instagram do the advertising for them. After all, that’s where women are – since both of these mediums offer direct, personal and word-of-mouth communication. So, don’t miss out, brands. Start talking to her on social media.

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