Sexualising women in ad makes men less charitable

More research has recently revealed sex does not sell – or at least make men very charitable with their money, according to a recent Medical Daily article. Researchers from the National University of Singapore and Chinese University of Hong Kong found that images showing women bearing cleavage or in sexually suggestive poses sidetracked male consumers, to the point where they weren’t keen to open their wallets for socially-conscious products or causes.

The study, conducted among 18- to 24-year-old men, suggested that pictures of sexy women ‘temporarily decreas(ed) the male consumer’s sense of psychological connectiveness with others’. With this mental distance, males were less likely to have a positive view of the socially-conscious product or charity in front of them, which made them less giving – even when it came to non-human causes, like endangered wildlife.

In conclusion, the men who viewed the provocative images concentrated more on how they felt, and less on becoming well-informed and joining others in supporting a good cause. Interestingly, ‘stepping outside of your body and judging your own actions is more common among men than women, which makes them more self-conscious, self-focused, and less unselfish with their money,’ the researchers said.

So, whether you’re advertising a charity or even an earth-friendly product, it’s best to lose the objectification and be genuine with your message. We know this works when marketing to women – and signs are clearly pointing to men, as well.


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