Venus is a boutique solution for big-thinking brands that refuse to stand still.

We work with people who respect the influence and significance of the female audience and are looking to harness the full potential this opportunity yields.

Revenue, Relationship and Reputation.
Venus has designed methodology, tools and diagnostics to accelerate and increase your market success. If you are a visionary CEO or CMO looking for unparalleled growth – then we are going to be a great match.


Our decades of experience have helped us understand the common challenges businesses face with agency models. In a fragmented and complex landscape with marketing teams stretched to capacity and limited bandwidth for brand-width – we totally get it. Which is why we are an unexpected breath of fresh air in your agency mix.

Driving market penetration with valuable female audience is a game-changer. So we make it easy. Below you’ll see we’ve designed systems that will help you strengthen your business and drive a smarter culture & brand connection with valuable segments.


Custom Pricing

This program clearly defines where you are in the FEMALE-NOW™ value model and how to move your brand to the desired place.

As we move through the agreed brief, we conduct an exhaustive landscape assessment that includes:

  • Audit/Review
  • Internal analysis
  • Competitive activity
  • Target segment analysis
  • Category trends
  • Consumer behaviour
  • New product categories/repositioning

With these inputs, we develop a clear and concise brand point-of-view. This positioning becomes our roadmap and helps identify the easy wins, highest leverage potential and go-to-market strategy.


Custom Pricing

A culture that is fully-focussed delivers an immediate, noticeable improvement in employee performance and long-term capability growth for the organization.

Training is designed specifically around the needs of the business and includes a new way to interpret:

  • Business and market strategy
  • Segmented audience proposition
  • Product development potential
  • Business culture and communications
  • Custom training development design

These training units provide common-language, company culture drivers and an internal framework which pushes valuable market-segments up the FEMALE-NOW™ ladder to maintain the desired position in market.


Custom Pricing/Retainer service

If your business has already identified and established brand position and identified and segmented high-yield audiences, our comms work will provide the difference between customers who tolerate and customers who become life-long loyal and committed.

Our unique planning process creates exceptional briefs resulting in creative campaigns that can deliver triple on your marketing spend and ROI.

  • Brand relaunch, revitalisation and product launch
  • Masterbrand campaign and delivery in all media
  • Tactical campaign execution across all media and digital platforms
  • GTM launch, plan and execution.


Custom Pricing/Retainer service

We are an agile business that see ourselves as complimentary to your existing relationships with full-service agencies, media and research partners.

We are not interested in fighting over pie, but ensuring that the all of the stakeholders working with your brand are aligned in understanding the nuance of the audience. Our inputs help you reduce marketing-wastage, refine message and product and out perform competitors and category. We work side-by-side or behind-the-scenes to provide counsel that includes:

  • Audit and FEMALE-NOW™ appraisal
  • Dual-Lens-check on all brand touchpoints, comms and brand campaign work
  • Developing deeper voice of the customer resonance
  • Research design and development for breakthrough insights