Rise in women’s economic power will transform the world

Women are about to change the world: To anyone who thinks this is nothing more than a pep talk, it’s time to wake up and smell the surge of economic influence among females. And the bigger it gets, the more she will use this power to dramatically transform society as we know it:

Think excellence in children’s healthcare and education. Increasing family-friendly workplaces. Flourishing, female-led corporations and nations. And much, much more.

We have evidence to back it up, thanks to Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better, a revolutionary read by celebrated demographer Maddy Dychtwald (with writer Christine Larson). Through extensive research, chronicling and interviews, Dychtwald details how the vast increase in female authority – in the workplace, marketplace and household – is enabling a strong majority of this gender to be fully financially independent for the first time in history. This is empowering females to make life-altering modifications in not only her personal life, but also her purchase behaviours, capital and social involvement.

Dychtwald contends that this evolution in gender role will contribute to one positive world upheaval, and many experts, including ourselves at Venus, agree:

“It’s rapidly dawning on women that their growing economic power offers a tremendous opportunity to change lives, markets and the environment simultaneously,” says Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black. “Maddy Dychtwald has captured this speeding train with insight, data and substance.”

Adds Jean Houston, Ph.D., author and consultant to the United Nations’ Human Development in the Light of Social Change: “Influence is a revolution, transformation and inspiration…It chronicles the most important change in history – the rise of women to full partnership with men in human affairs. Filled with stories of women making a difference and wise guidance to those who would do so, it must be read by everyone who will serve the new and better world that could come into being.”

Brands would be wise to get their hands on Influence, to find out what this new cultural landscape means for marketing to women. Order yours here.

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