Retail giant showcases female-owned brands to empower women

In the US alone, female-owned businesses contribute over $1.3 trillion to the economy, and are responsible for over 80 percent of customer decisions, worldwide.  So, what better way to empower women while building customer loyalty than by featuring the products of female businesses? That’s exactly what US retail giant Walmart has done, according to a recent article.

Launched as of March – Women’s History Month – the campaign introduced an exclusive “Women Owned” logo to assist customers in recognising products made by female-owned businesses (sold through any retailer). Not only would these products be sold at Walmarts nationwide, they’d also have their brands showcased prominently on a new webpage created by the retailer.

Says Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart Foundation president and Walmart Sustainability vice-president: “By sourcing more products from women-owned businesses, and making it easier for customers to identify those products at the shelf and online, we are helping to empower women and their families. We are excited by the power of business as retail in particular to increase women’s economic mobility.”

Are you listening, Australia?  This brilliant move by Walmart is the perfect example of the power brands have to support and encourage women, stimulate the economy AND build customer loyalty. How easy would it be for Australia’s Prime Minister for Women to galvanise retailers to take similar actions? Especially when, at a recent United Nations summit, the Australian Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, said Australia was determined to ensure that women’s economic empowerment (among other issues) was “central in the post-2015 development agenda,”  according to recent press.

That agenda remains to be seen, but it’s definitely time to start thinking outside the box, as Walmart has.

Do you agree such a move could work for Australia? We’d love to hear your thoughts.