Being real with women builds brand loyalty

It’s one thing being able to reach women through marketing, but quite another to keep her coming back to your product. In a recent article, FastCompany spoke to some female brand leaders who’ve kept it ‘real’ with women, and in turn have gained loyal followings.

Here are their recommendations:

What your brand believes in, makes a difference.

Supporting charities women care about can increase your brand’s growth and loyalty. This can mean hosting events to support a non-profit, including product giveaways and having a percentage of the purchase going to the charity.


Technology should positively change how women interact with your brand.

Interweaving technology into your brand in a way that adds convenience to your female consumer’s life is definitely a win. Perhaps it’s a voice-controlled app that adds extra benefits to your product, or makes using it even simpler. Even selling your brand online can make her days easier.


Speak straightforwardly and listen to your female audience.

Women respond to communication that’s meaningful to them, so it’s important to fit some form of personal contact into her brand experience. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for example, will allow you to do so, every day.


Your brand should mirror – not idealise – her life.

Steer away from sexualised or unrealistic images of women in your advertising. Instead, show your customer as herself. She should be able to see herself in your brand.

Marketing to women is about being more than a trend or a well-produced ad. By letting her know you’re a brand of real substance in a candid and genuine way, your female audience will keep coming back to your product or service.


What brands have you seen acquire their female following this way?