NDIS Quality and
Safeguards Commission

The ‘Speak Up’ campaign was created with the objective to set a clear understanding of the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission as an independent regulatory body with the power to take action and to ensure participants feel confident they will be heard and supported.

This campaign makes this very clear and gives participants the confidence via our message: “If you need to speak up, speak to us.”

Each person featured in the ‘Speak Up’ campaign has their own unique story of empowerment and embodies self agency.

It is through sharing these stories online that we hope to encourage others to speak up. Ultimately the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission are creating a space and a community online for people to not only be informed but to feel empowered, supported and respected.

Speak Up! Hero Portraits

The ‘Speak Up!” reaches and engages with our primary audience of participants, carers and family members via Facebook. While LinkedIn provides an opportunity to inform providers that we are working together for better outcomes.

Speak Up! Facebook Post