Department of Education
and Training

In 2016 the Australian Government undertook development of a new, simpler and fairer Child Care Package, designed to assist parents to work, train and study.

Venus was tasked with developing a multi-channel campaign to speak to all Australian families, convey the core changes and benefits, and encourage parents to go online and investigate. The challenge was to create a simple, positive message for a relatively complex subject, and speak to a busy audience who in many cases were confused or disengaged from the current child care payments system.

The “More Support for More Families” campaign, which launched Phase 1 in November 2017, has proven highly effective, achieving:

63% Awareness

Specific advertising recall of 39% of target audience (1.9m parents)

70% positive response to the information.

Phase 2 of the campaign launched in mid April 2018 and within the first four days of activity had exceeded the expected response.