Bec Brideson first worked with the team at AFL on the first AFL Women’s league providing female insights and gender education as they navigated their way towards the launch of the national women’s competition. Bec was able to bring AFL’s entire commercial team up to date on the rise of women economically, her insights on the nuances of gender communication and provided a uniquely developed framework to ensure success in the space.

Bec was then specially tasked to curate and lead an all-female creative team to craft the first creative campaign that would drive the launch and build the hype before the first AFLW game.

With an all-star MVP team including author and social commentator Jane Caro; the idea to redo an epic AFL 90s ad came together. The ad ‘I’d like to see that’ features numerous stars and sporting figureheads including Cathy Freeman, Lee Lin Chin, Sabre Norris, Michele Payne, Turia Pitt, and Melbourne FC Captain Nathan Jones with his young daughter.

With no media spend, the ad was launched on Facebook and later on Channel 9 News with a 1.5 million organic reach and 4,000 shares on Facebook. The opening round weekend had 50,000 people attending and 24,000 fans filled out the opening game turning it into an epic ‘lock out’.

Since then, there has been  a 76% increase. On the back of these unprecedented numbers, women now account for 30% of the total participation numbers in the game, helping drive a 10% increase overall on participation figures in the sport for 2017. Further research has found that 70% attendees who attended an AFLW game had never been to a men’s game before.

1.5m organic reach
30sec launch TVC
on Facebook

aflw 4k

4K shares on

70% increase in
females playing