Ovulation responsible for impulsive buying among women

Any woman who’s ever gone on an impulsive shopping spree should stop blaming herself for a lack of willpower. Believe it or not, it’s actually the fault of her ovulation cycle, according to a study about to be published in the US-based Journal of Consumer Research (as reported in The Medical Daily).

Evidently, as the egg or follicle in a woman’s ovary is about to drop during ovulation, the swell in oestrogen not only increases her sex drive, but leads her to seek more choices in dating companions – as well as products and services.

According to Assistant Marketing Professor Kristina M. Durante at the University of Texas-San Antonio, who led the study amongst 500 women aged 18-40, “this desire for variety in men at ovulation triggers a variety-seeking mindset that carries over into the desire for variety in products.”

Interestingly, females also tend to purchase more suggestive clothing when they’re most fertile, the Journal of Consumer Research reported in a 2010 study. The reasoning? Not to impress men, but instead beat out their female competition for a male’s attention.

So, what can brands take away from these findings? Well, as Venus has long discussed, reaching women isn’t so straightforward, and involves truly understanding and empathising with her complicated life. However, focusing appropriate communications around assortment and originality – if it applies to your brand – could very well help to catch her eye, during “that time”.

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