New campaign aims to drop ‘plus-size’ labelling

Should the labels,  “plus” and “plus-size” be banned from the fashion industry and media? That is the mission of #DropThePlus, a media campaign started by Australian model Stefania Ferrario and Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester, which has since gained international support from top designers like Isaac Mizrahi, according to a recent article.

Why the fuss over “plus” and “plus-size”? #DropThePlus argues that the implication of such terms is that any woman who falls into this category is not normal, which is very harmful, considering all of the pressures facing females with regards to body image.

Rochester makes an important point on the subject: “We don’t label anyone else (as ‘plus-size’)…so, why only models or women? We are humans. We come in all shapes and sizes.”

As for Ferrario, she couldn’t think of anything less empowering than being labelled a “plus-size model.” It’s all about our power as individuals, rather than size, she contends.

#DropThePlus is encouraging retail stores to drop their “plus-size” labels and carry clothing that represents a broad size range that complements all of the unique body types out there.

Not everyone agrees the campaign is a plus, however. Some believe it demeans the accomplishments of “plus-size” women who have worked to help others achieve a positive body image – not to mention those who have been empowered by those movements.

What do you think? Should “plus” and “plus-size” be dropped for good?