More women buy household groceries than men, research reveals

FMCG brands, you’ll definitely want to take heed of this news: Roy Morgan Research has just confirmed that far more Australian women than men typically purchase the household groceries – with mums predominantly taking on the chore, according to a recent article.

Overall, 62 percent of Australians 14 and above who generally shop the supermarkets are women and 38 percent are men, the research says. However, once kids become part of the household, the disparity becomes much more obvious: A whopping ninety-one percent of women who cohabitate with a partner and at least one child normally satisfy grocery needs, versus 44 percent of men.

And it’s not just the traditional family units brands need to focus on. The study also found that 97 percent of single mothers are more likely than unmarried fathers (85 percent) to dominate the trolley. Furthermore, 90 percent of women in relationships with no kids are typically the grocery-getter, versus 53 percent of men.

It appears the only instance that grocery shopping is done equally among the genders is when they are living alone, according to the study.

So, if your FMCG brand hasn’t concentrated its communications on women in the past, now is a crucial time to start. And we at Venus can help, as experts in marketing to women for over 10 years and counting. Contact us on (03) 9685 5200 and start reaching your female audience now.