Marketing to women requires digging deeper than demographics

Marketing to women will see a big boom in 2015, but brands should be warned of focusing too heavily on ‘big data’ (or consumer demographics) – the driver of this renewed interest, according to marketing strategy expert, Jenny Darroch, in a recent article.

The author of Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work: Using Market Segmentation to Understand Customer Needs contends that brands are increasingly gaining access to growing amounts of consumer information, helping them to identify their audience based on demographics. But as we know, gender, age and life stage are only weakly interrelated with consumer purchasing patterns.

More data needs to be collected, taking in to account the role gender plays in buying, Darroch says.

After all, there are vast differences between male and female purchasing decisions – as well as those between women themselves.

This is especially crucial for advertisers to keep in mind, considering the following trends:

  •  The number of breadwinner women is steadily increasing, and yet more women are choosing to be stay-at-home mothers. Add to this, the upsurge in single females heading family households.
  •  As education and income levels continue to rise, she’ll hold more leadership positions at work and have growing influence over purchase-making decisions, particularly in formerly male-dominated categories like cars and insurance. In fact, joint decisions will increase, as well.
  •  Women will still juggle work and home responsibilities, but men will, increasingly. They too want to spend more time with their kids and are identifying when it’s economically more feasible.

These are only a few examples, of course. The point is, as brands continue into 2015, they must understand that demographic data is no longer enough: Gender roles are evolving quickly, and the differences between women themselves are FAR more complex than age and life stage.

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