How to market to millennial women

By now, many of us have heard of “millennials” – the Generation Y crowd, perhaps most widely perceived as ambitious, career ladder-climbers, who haven’t lived a day in their lives without digital or social media.

When it comes to marketing to millennial women, however, it’s crucial for brands to toss aside the generalisations, according to a recent article. Truth is, Gen Y women don’t all behave the same way.

They’re not all ruthless executives or mums – in fact, they’re all different shades, says the article.

So, to avoid alienating millennial women, here are some key marketing tips:

Do your homework.

Speak to her directly to find out what she wants. Listening to social media dialogues is a great way to find out what fuels this audience’s purchase-making decisions and habits. Next, narrow your focus to those who are most likely to be the first-users, or the best fit for your brand.

Think multiscreen and different environments.

Adjust traditional marketing methods to her multi-screen world, one in which she’s watching your TV ad, while connecting with others on her smartphone and/or browsing her digital pad.

Understand, too, that where she’s watching can vary, from her tram stop to outside a nightclub.

Know that her goals and mindsets will change depending on her environment, then take your messaging there, ensuring it is transparent and relates directly to her context.

Connect authentically.

We’ve always emphasised the importance of being completely real with your female consumer, and with millennial women, it’s no different. She wants to feel knowledgeable and included in your brand, so talk to her by incorporating values that drive her – contentment, sharing, desire, diversity, and discovery.

Generalisations aside, millennial women actually care about what your brand stands for, as much as the product itself. By keeping things authentic while recognising her individuality, your brand can effectively reach – rather than alienate – this audience.

What do you think: Did these tips affirm or contradict your previous perceptions of millennial women? We’d love to hear your thoughts.