The Best Way To Mother Your Brand?


There are quite a few myths out there about mummy bloggers, but the truth is, brands shouldn’t underestimate the power of her words when it comes to influencing purchase decisions among women.

For example, a survey among Canadian mum bloggers (leading the US in the amount of time spent on blogging) combated the common belief that mothers only blogged about products given to them free, or that they’re paid to write about. In fact, 69% write for the enjoyment of it, and reimbursement is not a motivating factor. Another assumption discredited by a recent article was that mum bloggers were strictly stay-at-home lovers of Pinterest and DIY decorating, with all the time in the world to read/write blogs. In truth, she is highly discerning, well-educated and techy; armed with serious word-of-mouth influence on female buyers—don’t forget, 80% of women try new things based on friends’ suggestions and 74% encourage their girlfriends to try new products. Finally, the notion that mums only provided positive support for products was also refuted—blogging mums tend to provide honest evaluations of products, as to not squander the trust she has gained from her devoted following.

So, it pays for brands to develop an earnest relationship with blogging mums, particularly if you’re marketing to women. They’re a powerful resource for increasing awareness of your brand—both online and offline.

Which mummy blogs do you read for product or service advice?