Why Health Insurers Need to Target Women

For women, it’s not about being ‘skinny’ anymore, it’s about being fit. Women take great care of their health these days and this is one of many reasons we’re harking back to this important blog of ours. Health Insurers, take note!


An article has revealed just how important it is for health insurers to target women — and it’s not for the reasons you might have guessed.

While many marketers may target women due to pregnancy and post-natal care, there’s a whole range of reasons why women should become any insurer’s prime audience.

So, why do these brands need to ‘get’ women? Our Venus Lab findings provide numerous reasons — and this article sites a couple more.

“Men tend to stay bulletproof in their minds longer than women do,” Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow says.

“All young people have a sense of invincibility, but women understand earlier than men do that it isn’t true.”

It’s this, combined with the female love of social media, that has many marketers lining up to target women.

They’re likely to listen, and they’re likely to spread your insurance message online. So, what are you waiting for? Health insurers, it’s time to market to women.