Get real, brands – authenticity is what Millennial women want

So, we’re now well aware women are responsible for 85 percent of all household spends, with a total global income surpassing $18 trillion. But did you know that ‘Millennial’ women (18 to 35-year-olds) make up a substantial portion of this purchasing authority?

And yet, according to a recent article, marketers are still failing to reach this invaluable audience because they are failing to incorporate one very crucial component into their brand communications – authenticity.

There’s no skirting around it: the Millennial generation knows full well how often brands misrepresent women through digital retouching or other enhancement means. And the more they identify this tactic being used, the more they yearn for what’s real – not the ideal. They’re tired of unreachable standards set by marketers, and here’s why:

She wants to be herself.
More than ever, this women wants to be her true self – accepting her body as is, along with the idea that nobody can ‘have it all’. She doesn’t want to care about others’ approval or how many ‘Likes’ she receives. If anyone should be creating the ideal, it’s HER – not a product.

That’s why Millennial women overwhelmingly turn to the Internet. Social media has given individuals the opportunity to showcase their own personal archetypes of beauty. Women post and share the brands they love, and the diverse female personas and styles they admire. They also display their own authenticity by creating videos or photos that represent who they are, as well as their values.

Note to brands: Every time she sees brand- or consumer-produced content, her engagement increases nearly 30 percent.

She wants to see her values in your brand.
The way this generation sees it, brands have a responsibility to support women, while transforming the way females are viewed through marketing: Think empowering campaigns like Always #LikeAGirl and Dove Real Beauty. Furthermore, if your brand is willing to represent a wide array of females using it, Millennial women will be much more driven to connect with your product.

The bottom line: It’s essential to create content that influences society’s perceptions and conduct towards women. In the minds of Millennial women, your brand must play a role in making these transformations happen.

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