Feminist beer stands up to sexist ads

It seems every country has their own standard, sexist beer ad happening. But one activist group in Brazil is finally speaking out against advertising’s objectification of women with their own red ale, Cerveja Feminista (Portuguese for “feminist beer”), according to a recent article.

The group is called 65/10 – as in, 65 percent of women in Brazil don’t approve of how they’re being represented by advertisers, and only 10 percent of ad creatives are women. And their political message against chauvinism is a crucial one: With the everyday Brazilian beer ad involving scarcely-clothed women being harassed by men, 65/10 acknowledges the potential dangers for women as a result of the day-to-day “objectification and enabling of sexual harassment on mass media”.

The activists intend to continue producing Cerveja Feminista, and we think that’s great news. After all, the concept forces a conversation about gender fairness – and at the bar, of all places (arguably where it’s needed most). It’s also worth noting that the first batch of this beer sold out in just two days, so hope is definitely alive on this important issue.

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