Female sports coverage: Why brands should get on the ball

Let’s face it: While women’s sports are slowly getting more attention in today’s society, they’re still trailing behind the vast amount of coverage men’s athletics receive. The reality is that female athletics are lacking a major element that can effect whether women become interested in playing sports to begin with: Media exposure.

Fortunately, the tide has been turning even more so recently, thanks to the athletic talents of Mo’ne Davis, who at 13 became the first girl to win a game and pitch a shutout in the US-based Little League World Series – according to a new article. As a result of leading her all-boy baseball team to victory, the Philadelphia-based athlete will be the subject of an upcoming Disney Channel movie about her life. Furthermore, the US novelty basketball team known as the Harlem Globetrotters have already offered Davis a contract to play for them, following university.

Whether this exposure sparks an even greater number of female sports players remains to be seen. However, it’s important for brands to be aware that women’s sports is an area that the female public recognises as under-supported. By showing you stand behind a cause she believes in – such as increasing female sports coverage and empowering women to take part in athletics – your brand has the opportunity to gain the respect and loyalty of female consumers.

Our advice? Get on the ball.

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