Enhancing brand/retail experiences through technology is key to reaching women

Women are big consumers of technology – and if your brand isn’t implementing it into her experience, you could be missing her business. Just ask fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, whose use of technological advances to create a personalised instore experience drove success for her brand, according to a recent article.

When Minkoff opened her first stores in 2005, she proved two things: Women are early adopters of technology and innovation has the power to create the intimate shopping experience she desires.

For example, shoppers in pursuit of the designer’s accessories, handbags and footwear were welcomed instore by a wall-size, digital touchscreen, offering opportunities to view the latest runway collection, style suggestions and order drinks like coffee or champagne. Furthermore, tags on clothing items tracked customers’ entries into fitting rooms and displayed accessory suggestions on a mirror, when scanned. This increased fitting room visits (with items) by 30 percent, plus boosted sales threefold.

Minkoff furthered this customised retail experience through daily chats with her customers on social media, years before the platform became a booming business tool. This allowed her to build a relationship with them, while truly understanding and accommodating their needs.

Key brand takeaways from Minkoff’s experience:

Technology is an ‘in’ and a ‘win’ with women.
Understand that the rise of online consumerism is converging with the instore experience, today. So essentially, the click/swipe mentality is being implemented into the physical environment. Such innovation can be especially effective with female audiences, when you consider she dominates online shopping and mobile phone use, and craves a personalised experience. (Remember, too – she’s a massive consumer – and early adopter – of technology.)

Social media builds intimacy with female consumers.
Connecting with your female consumer on social media – where women outnumber men and frequently base purchase decisions on word-of-mouth communication – is crucial. With the numerous and complicated roles she has today, it’s about offering the ease of going where she is, listening to her needs and responding with a product that shows you understand her on a personal level.

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