Don’t Take Women Out of Context!


Brands have a lot of choice when it comes to methods of targeting female audiences online: contextual, audience-based, behavioural… the list goes on. But if you’re using online video ads, it’s important to ensure they are relevant to your brand and the correlating website. According to a recent US survey, 62% of women favoured brands that offered contextual video ads – with 70% more likely to ignore ads irrelevant to the brand’s site. Half also said her overall browsing occurrence was more “valuable” because ads were relevant to what she was doing at the time.

Australian brands have certainly caught on, as evidenced by popular sites like Mamamia, who reach their mamas with relevant marketing from brands like Toys ‘R’ Us, Betadine sore throat gargle, and universities advertising postgraduate courses. Their Facebook page has nearly 24,000 Likes and counting. Kidspot covers their bases too, with plenty of pregnancy test and Johnson’s Baby digital – and they’re boasting over 55,500 Facebook followers.

The truth is, women prefer brands that are helpful. Contextual ads give your brand the opportunity to be a helpful and informative “accessory” to the relevant website. Not only does that make you more likable, but you also have a chance to make a real difference in her life.

How about you – know of any other websites that ensure their ads are in context with their female audience?