Her changing mindset affects purchase decisions.

Today’s Australian women don’t have just one uniform way of functioning, interacting or making

purchase decisions – and this is because her mindset changes depending on her current situation,

according to a new research study by NewsLifeMedia.

The study, taken among focus group and online community members over one year, identified six

different mindsets within which women fluctuate. Their purpose is to help brands better interact

with their female consumer:

1. Social Identity: Bonding with those who have the same interests.

Ninety-four percent in this mindframe love sharing their knowledge or acting as the expert, toward


2. Intimacy: Nurturing meaningful relationships in her ‘inner circle’.

Seventy-five percent in this mindset agree they can cultivate relationships without technology.

3. Status: Yearning to be recognised and validated.

Fifty-four percent believe it’s crucial to be seen feeling and looking their best.

4. Creativity: Expressing herself through style, food and home.

Ninety-one percent want the opinions and know-how of experts.

5. Expansion: Undertaking new experiences and ways of thinking.

Eighty-five percent love learning – from knowledge to experiences.

6. Challenge and Achievement: Making and accomplishing goals.

Seventy-seven percent of women feel rewarded by the challenge of personal aspirations.

A changing mindset can be a challenge for marketers, especially since a woman’s brain absorbs two

million pieces of information per second and can only process 134 items at a time, according to the

article. It just goes to show how distinct and complicated women’s lives are. So, if your brand can tap

into her current situation, the easier it will be to reach her as a customer.

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