Gillette’s controversial ad looks beyond advertising’s male lens

Gillette's clever commercial work has disrupted the traditional advertising tactics used in the male personal care category, and allowed Gillette to enter into a relevant, and topical conversation, argues Bec Brideson. The new marketing lens Old marketing is often still stuck in a mindset of push, push,

Salesforce: How Diversity Can Drive Sales Performance

Earlier this week, I had the honour of hosting a panel event at Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, discussing the business case for diversity and inclusion, and particularly the positive and powerful impact it can have on a sales team. Joining me on stage were

Smart Company: Here’s how brands jumped on the #IWD bandwagon

  This article detailed multiple examples of how brands leveraged International Women's Day to show their support of women. Bec Brideson comments below only but to read the full article, click here. "Bec Brideson, gender-intelligence consultant, tells SmartCompany a one-off campaign from brands can be interpreted as tokenistic,

CEO MAG: New Metrics to Improve Gender Performance

These are the new metrics to improve gender performance in your business Simple ways by which you can rethink current data analysis to improve gender performance in your business   The deafening crescendo of the Information Age continues to reverberate for businesses globally. We’re seeing self-driving cars, cryptocurrencies, remote

INSIDE RETAIL: Retailers still failing to support women in leadership

Many international retail companies are still dropping the ball when it comes to the representation of women in senior management positions, a senior executive from the US has said. The newly appointed chief technology officer of Revlon, Chau Banks, believes that while there’s a positive trend

HRM Online: The Surprising Way HR is Business’ Best Weapon

Why smart companies should take advantage of HR’s breadth of knowledge in business decision-making. On the totem pole, HR isn’t usually first when it comes to decision-making in the C-suite. Despite the fact that culture and people are becoming increasingly important factors when it comes to

Bec Brideson’s Cannes Diary #3

Bed Brideson, Advisor, Speaker and Author, is sitting on the Cannes Glass Lions jury. Brideson is writing exclusively for Campaign Brief. The 90's called - they want their sexism back. You won't find me in the photo that AdAge ran this article with. I was really hoping