Can only female creatives connect with women, emotionally?

Some may believe anyone can write a good ad with the right info, however, Roisin Donnelly, brand director of Procter & Gamble (UK), says the shortage of female creatives and ad women who are mums is causing a serious detriment to advertising geared toward mothers – according to recent article.

This came on the heels of research conducted by UK-based Mumsnet and Saatchi & Saatchi, which found that brands are neglecting the emotional roles associated with being a mum, in their advertising. Alternatively, marketing has been portraying motherhood as a succession of tasks that must be completed, each day.

That said, brands need to capitalise on creative that stirs their female audience emotionally, Donnelly says. Although customers may not remember the copy lines, how the brand touched them on an emotive level will remain in her memory. And as the brand director points out earlier – who better to understand what reaches women emotionally than female creatives/mums themselves?

We at Venus have always emphasised how crucial it for brands to develop that emotional connection with your female consumer. Marketing to women effectively means truly understanding her personal intricacies and empathising with them, in your communications.

Do you agree with Roisin that only female creatives can truly accomplish this? We’d love to hear your thoughts.