Should brands diversify their teams to reach women?

Too many car brands are still ignoring the female market, reports a recent Guardian article, despite the fact that women are responsible for 66% of decisions to buy new cars in the UK – that’s 70%, in Australia. Such companies aren’t recognising that women actually like owning nice cars, have opinions about new cars – and some are even “petrol heads,” says the article’s author, Belinda Parmar.

Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek, an agency campaigning to make technology more appealing and accessible to women, believes traditionally-male brands need to transform their staffs to create a “gender and ethnic diversity” that matches its consumer base. This is especially necessary in the world of automobiles. Upon researching the executive directors of the boards for eight major car brands, Parmar found that two did not have a single female on their boards – Audi and Jaguar.

Fortunately, there are car companies who are recognising the female market and diversifying accordingly, such as Mercedes, BMW and Aston Martin – who, in fact, have established an all-woman advisory board to develop a car geared toward females.

Undoubtedly, diversifying a company to reach their equally distinct audiences takes courage and imagination. Long-reigning brand images will more than likely need modifying, for instance. This may also mean seeking employees who know less about the product and far more about brand positioning, to reach disparate audiences like women, in today’s market.

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