Brains or ball gowns? #AskHerMore, says Hollywood actresses.

A woman chooses a career in acting – one of the oldest forms of artistic expression in the world – and for some reason, who she is becomes only as important as the dress she is wearing.

Such is the case in the Hollywood film industry today, and if you don’t believe us, just ask any female actor who has been interviewed at a red carpet event. Reese Witherspoon, among other talented, A-list actors, will confirm any dignified questioning is typically replaced by inquiries about couture.

That’s why she helping to lead a new movement to inspire journalists to instigate more thoughtful, interesting conversation on the red carpet, called #AskHerMore. “This is a movement to say we’re more than just our dresses,” Witherspoon told reporter Robin Roberts in a recent Time magazine article. “There are 44 (Oscar) nominees this year that are women and we are so happy to be here and talk about the work we have done. It’s hard being a woman in Hollywood, or any industry.”

Many other actresses have expressed their support, including Lena Dunham, who Tweeted: “Ask her about the causes she supports, not her support garments.”

If you ask us, we couldn’t agree more with the #AskHerMore campaign. These women not only understand what women want to hear about – being women themselves – but are also embracing their responsibility as role models in the public eye. They’re showing ourselves, our daughters – and sons, for that matter – where hard work and dedication can take our dreams. They’re raising awareness for causes in which we can all make a difference. They’re celebrating women as artists – letting every female know she CAN give herself the permission to do what she loves.

Yes, all this and more is actually happening beneath the tousled updos and twists. So, let’s skip the sexist dialogue and start listening.

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