Body shaming an issue for weight-loss supplement ads

UK-based brand Protein World has been making waves with women upon the launch of their new controversial ad campaign for weight-loss supplements, according to a recent Marketing Magazine article. Featuring a fit and toned, female model wearing a bikini, the outdoor campaign asks its audience if they’re ‘beach body ready’.

A One Pulse survey of 340 women has since found that 61 percent felt ashamed of their bodies after viewing the ad. At the same time, however, 39 percent said they felt inspired to improve their bodies for the summer.

Eleven percent of females involved in the research also said they were going to rally against the advert on social media. Meanwhile, eight percent intended to complain to the brand. Regardless, one-third of those surveyed still saw the ad as an incentive, alone.

Despite the backlash among these women and those in women’s rights groups, many continue to defend the campaign as motivational.

But in the end, the brand wins: Protein World has cashed in on all the publicity. Even with the negative outpouring, the once-small campaign has since gone viral.

Whether it’s objectification, body shaming or inspiration you feel from viewing this ad, we’d love to hear your thoughts.