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Gillette’s controversial ad looks beyond advertising’s male lens

Gillette's clever commercial work has disrupted the traditional advertising tactics used in the male personal care category, and allowed Gillette to enter into a relevant, and topical conversation, argues Bec Brideson. The new marketing lens Old marketing is often still stuck in a mindset of push, push,

Winners of the 2018 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards

Bec has been recognised at the Women's Agenda Leadership Awards in the Emerging Leader in Professional Services category. The judges commented that “She is genuinely disrupting the industry and is working in a traditional male-dominated industry to help build a much needed female lens.” View

little shop products

Coles, please stop dumbing us down, down

Despite Coles' recent Little Shop promotion offering a clear uptick in sales, Bec Brideson wonders where the brand will be in six month's time, once the little plastic items are long disposed of. Dear Coles, The yes-bag, no-bag, three-bags-full bag has been a tad confusing. Many

Why equality is a dirty word for marketers

Academia's male focus has led to the advertising industry looking through a male lens that reflects the past, says Bec Brideson. Google ‘Mother of Marketing’ and get pink Mother’s Day flotsam. Google ‘Father of Marketing’ and get a grey man. One grey man repeated in particular

Salesforce: How Diversity Can Drive Sales Performance

Earlier this week, I had the honour of hosting a panel event at Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, discussing the business case for diversity and inclusion, and particularly the positive and powerful impact it can have on a sales team. Joining me on stage were

Smart Company: Here’s how brands jumped on the #IWD bandwagon

  This article detailed multiple examples of how brands leveraged International Women's Day to show their support of women. Bec Brideson comments below only but to read the full article, click here. "Bec Brideson, gender-intelligence consultant, tells SmartCompany a one-off campaign from brands can be interpreted as tokenistic,