Being transparent builds a connection with female consumers

If there ever was a reminder every brand needs, it’s this – 91 percent of women believe you don’t understand them, as a result of your advertising, according to The Lipstick Economy.

Why is this important? Because of these women, 85 percent “make or influence” all purchasing decisions. It doesn’t even matter whether your brand is geared toward men, since household females are loading over half of traditional male products into their shopping trolleys.

So, where exactly are brands dropping the ball? According to a recent study by US-based Lab42, 76 percent female and male consumers think advertising lacks truthfulness, and that ads comprise of embellished assertions. For women, beauty products are especially exaggerated – or at least 81 percent believe so. And when you consider other brands typically geared at female audiences, such as cleaning products, weight loss and shampoo, she’s equally sceptical: Between 80 and 96 percent believe ads across these categories have been digitally manipulated, says the report.

What is it, then, that women and men want from advertising? Raising awareness of new products was important to 31 percent of those surveyed (59 percent of whom were women). Meanwhile, 20 percent said they wanted to be “educated” by ads.

Where to begin? Truth be told, educating and awareness-raising about your brand cannot happen without making a lasting impression through your advertising. And according to the survey, the use of humour is a highly effective way to this: Seventy-one percent of consumers (over half of whom were women) said they were more likely to remember a brand if the ad was funny. As mentioned above – as long as your brand is being transparent and informative in the meantime, your female consumer will listen.

We at Venus have long emphasised the importance of being genuine and transparent to reach your female consumer. As this report will attest, doing so is one highly effective way to show her you do understand her, after all.

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