Behind NYC’s first bar for pregnant women.

Imagine walking down your city street and stumbling upon a bar called Gestations, the

‘first bar for pregnant women’ that lets mums ‘drink for two’. And that’s not all.

There’s also a Facebook page inviting pregnant women to try their ‘9-month Happy

Hour’ and to visit them ‘before that water breaks’. With that kind of marketing, it’s no

wonder someone has commented: What a perfect place to find women already on the perfect

birth control.

All of this, with a closing line inviting everyone to check out the new Bartendr app, reports a recent


Ahhh yes. A stunt campaign, beginning with the signage outside a New York-based, vacant

pharmacy window, which directs potential customers to Facebook and Twitter.

Attention-grabbing as it may be, we can’t help but wonder if the Bartendr brand

considered the impact this distasteful direction may have on females, who love a good

bar as much as the next bloke.

If the sexism and endangering unborn babies stuff bothered you as much as us,

unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Weeks later, that same marketing team renamed

the vacant building – to Black Box – NYC’s only bar for on-duty pilots.

What do you think of Bartendr’s campaign? Would you purchase this app, regardless?