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Founded in 2004 by Australia’s youngest female advertising Creative Director Bec Brideson, Venus Comms continues to be the first independent agency to specialise in gender intelligent communications.

Gender – the industry’s most overlooked audience attribute, represents a massive challenge and opportunity for brands. We live in a world of great change and disruption, where traditional marketing methods struggle to deliver results the way they used to.

Gender-designed thinking is a new framework that takes into account the dual lenses of male and female difference, considering all aspects of human needs. It produces nuanced communications imbued with human touch in an increasingly robotic world, multi-faceted insights that reflect today’s global reality and the assurance of grounded, empathetic narratives around modern men and women.

Venus has developed unique gender-lensed strategic tools and methodology, collected over decades of experience; delivering crucial insights and behaviour-changing results for a wealth of clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work as a full-service agency, or to come in as a guerrilla team on special projects. We are adaptive and agile, and will always work to your needs.

No matter your scope or problem, we can help you find the best path forward for your brand or business.

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Bec Brideson

Bec Brideson
ECD & Founder


Miles Mainwaring

Miles Mainwaring
Strategy Director


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