Does the Term ‘Mumpreneur’ Bother You?

Thanks to this recent article from The Age which discussed big businesses turning to Facebook mums’ groups, we thought we would revisit our wonderful article from 2014 discussing the word ‘mumpreneur‘.


There’s a new word that’s been circling females in business. And it’s got many women wondering why females need their own special terms when achieving at all.

In a similar fashion to the much-loved, but equally-despised ‘mummy blogger’ phrase, a new female-centric word has surface. This time, it’s ‘mumpreneur’.

The term is being thrown around for women starting up or sticking out their self-made businesses, while juggling family life.

And, according to Angela Priestley’s recent article ‘The Problem With “Mumpreneurs”’, it’s a term that segregates women from the rest of the entrepreneurial community, placing female achievements in a different (less esteemed) realm altogether.

The truth of the matter is, Australian women are now starting businesses at twice the rate of men – so why do we need a minority term for the majority?

An interesting thought.

We’d love to know, does the term ‘mumpreneur’ bother you?