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Why Dove’s latest campaign hits the mark with women

An ongoing, overseas Dove campaign that recognises the sacrifices women make for one another has authentically hit the mark with its female audience. We’d like to share why, and how other brands can learn from it. On International Women’s Day (this past March) Dove and its

New campaign aims to drop ‘plus-size’ labelling

Should the labels,  “plus” and “plus-size” be banned from the fashion industry and media? That is the mission of #DropThePlus, a media campaign started by Australian model Stefania Ferrario and Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester, which has since gained international support from top designers like

More women buy household groceries than men, research reveals

FMCG brands, you’ll definitely want to take heed of this news: Roy Morgan Research has just confirmed that far more Australian women than men typically purchase the household groceries – with mums predominantly taking on the chore, according to a recent article. Overall, 62 percent of

Mobile marketers urged to employ more women

Mobile marketers will want to build up their female workforce within the next ten years, because two-thirds of US consumer wealth will be controlled by women, according to a recent article. After a Fleishman-Hillard Inc. study revealed that women were going to become the primary consumers

Feminist beer stands up to sexist ads

It seems every country has their own standard, sexist beer ad happening. But one activist group in Brazil is finally speaking out against advertising’s objectification of women with their own red ale, Cerveja Feminista (Portuguese for “feminist beer”), according to a recent article. The group is