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Is advertising finally diversifying gender roles?

After decades of female stereotyping and sexualisation in advertising, has advertising finally taken on a more flexible interpretation of gender? That’s what a recent TV ad by UK brand, Moneysupermarket.com, is implying, says a recent article. The ad, which features a gyrating businessman in skin-tight shorts,

Ovulation responsible for impulsive buying among women

Any woman who’s ever gone on an impulsive shopping spree should stop blaming herself for a lack of willpower. Believe it or not, it’s actually the fault of her ovulation cycle, according to a study about to be published in the US-based Journal of Consumer

Hospitals offering luxury services to reach women

Imagine attending a yoga class or lounging in a terrycloth bathrobe, in front of a flat-screen TV – as part of your in-patient, hospital stay. Yes, it’s actually happening at some East Coast medical centres in the US, says a recent article. And why not? Given