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Digital differences with marketing to women vs mums.

There are digital differences between marketing to mums versus women as a whole, yet common misconceptions are still interfering with effective communications among brands, says a recent Media Post article. Here are the misunderstandings and how your brand can work around them. 1. Not all women aged 25-54

Behind NYC’s first bar for pregnant women.

Imagine walking down your city street and stumbling upon a bar called Gestations, the ‘first bar for pregnant women’ that lets mums ‘drink for two’. And that’s not all. There’s also a Facebook page inviting pregnant women to try their ‘9-month Happy Hour’ and to visit them ‘before

Using empowerment for the wrong reasons.

Empowerment is the secret to many of today’s most successful ad campaigns geared toward women, but a recent costumer event held by a US-based company proved the strategy can be used inappropriately, according to a recent Slate article. That company, Egg Banxx, promotes egg-freezing to women as the

Her changing mindset affects purchase decisions.

Today’s Australian women don’t have just one uniform way of functioning, interacting or making purchase decisions – and this is because her mindset changes depending on her current situation, according to a new research study by NewsLifeMedia. The study, taken among focus group and online community members over