About Us

Venus began in 2004 and was founded by Bec Brideson. It is Australia’s first agency that specialised in the female audience. At the time there were only six other agencies globally, and now there are over eighty five around the world.

The agency has iteratively found an innovative and clear place in the communications and marketing landscape. We are a diamond in a rough and entrenched industry which is either in denial, or too slow to embrace and understand just how valuable deep connection with women can be.

Helping businesses and clients find the female advantage is actually a game-changing growth strategy.

Venus has developed strategic tools, unique methodology and collected over a decade of experience. Our intellectual property, quick formulas and research know-how gives us a unique approach to creating insights that translate into results. We can work as a full service agency, or come in as your secret weapon on special projects. We are adaptive and agile and work within your needs.

Venus founder Bec Brideson can also be found in her consultancy where she is helping smart clients get even smarter about harnessing, leveraging and keeping their valuable female dollars.

We know we can help you find a path to the most valuable customer in the world, and we look forward to working with you.